WATCH: Student goes absolutely berserk on Border Patrol agents

The student compared the Border Patrol to the Ku Klux Klan and called the agency "murder patrol."

Two Border Patrol agents stopped by the University of Arizona for Career Day, but one student was not having any of it.

A University of Arizona student live-streamed herself on Facebook harassing two Border Patrol agents who were giving a lecture to Criminal Justice students.

The incident took place during an event as part of the University of Arizona’s Career Day, during which two Customs and Border Protection agents were giving a lecture about the criminal justice system. While the event was taking place, however, a student outside of the room began to film the agents and hurled insults at the agents, the Arizona Daily Independent reported.

“Border Patrol was on campus at that time because the Criminal Justice Association (a UA recognized student organization) invited them to speak at one of our meetings where we had the space reserved for,” Luisa Muzbeck Pinto, president of the University’s Criminal Justice Association, told Campus Reform.

The student who recorded the videos, later posted to her Instagram and shared by LoneConservative, appears to stand near the door of the room, zooming in on the officers repeatedly while calling the officers murderers and saying they were an “extension of the KKK on campus.”


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“She continued to say those things, amongst other things, with a very loud voice, to the point where she was screaming,” Pinto said.

The Criminal Justice Association president also told Campus Reform that the harassment started a few minutes before the meeting, and continued throughout the duration of the meeting. Pinto also stated that Melchor’s chanting was so loud that not only was the event disrupted but that several other unrelated classes down the hall were also affected by the situation.

The event organizers threatened to call UAPD if Melchor did not stop insulting and taunting the agents, to which Melchor responded, “oh, of course, white women calling the police!”

Campus Reform reached out to the University of Arizona for further information regarding the incident but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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In the second part of the video, the student follows the Border Patrol agents to their vehicle, repeating the phrase “Murder Patrol!” and also yelling at them in Spanish. At the end of the second video, Melchor films a protest, apparently against the appearance of the Border Patrol, in which the attendees chant, “Police, ICE, the shame shit twice!”

Shortly after the incident, the University of Arizona’s student government released a letter about the incident that occurred, stating that “although we recognize their attendance was solely to recruit students...the presence of uniformed USBP agents on our campus, especially without warning was, is, and will always be immensely harmful to our DACA and undocumented community.”

National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art del Cueto called the letter “ignorant.”

”We can’t arrest the DACA students as agents,” he told the James T. Harris show on KFYI, according to the Arizona Daily Independent. “We can’t send them back unless obviously, they commit some kind of crime other than being here illegally. They are a protected class right now so it is ridiculous.”

Campus Reform reached out to who is believed to be the student who recorded the video but the student did not respond in time for publication. At the time of publication, the Instagram and Twitter profiles where the videos first appeared were set to private.

“The executive board for CJA is working with the UA and UAPD to deal with this situation accordingly,” Pinto told Campus Reform.

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The incident is currently under investigation for potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct, according to

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