‘Whites ARE RESPONSIBLE for the current racial bias’--Woke Army instructor tries to push DEI on class

An Army University instructor wanted to teach students that ‘racism is engrained’ in American society, as seen from a recently-released slide.

Some have blamed the military’s pushing of DEI principles for several structural problems, including falling recruitment rates.

An instructor at Army University of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, reportedly shared a slide with his class claiming that “[r]acism is engrained” in the U.S. and beyond.  

The slide, which was shared by the X account Libs of TikTok, was titled “We Have Come a Long Way . . . We Have a Long Way to Go,” and stated, “Race is a fictional, social construct, supported by economic needs of the 15TH Century and further exacerbated by early anthropologists and humanist philosophers.”

It contends that, though race is “fictional,” it is nonetheless “ground into global societal and economic fabric” and “[e]nables the concepts of ‘whiteness’ and ‘blackness.’”

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The slide continues, seeming to focus on the U.S. and alleging that “[r]acism is engrained” in “Current Laws,” “Systems,” “Education,” and “Individual/Collective Biases.” 

The slide contends that “the Education System at the elementary, middle and high school levels (state-to-state) do not provide the context, nor the development of the ‘language’ necessary to have appropriate discourse on systemic racism,” and that parents are “a failed product of the exact same systems, and do not possess the ‘self-awareness’: ‘critical thought capacity’ and ‘WILLINGNESS’ to have the discussion at home.”

“Whites ARE RESPONSIBLE for the current racial bias in culture [sic] of today and tomorrow,” the slide concludes.

The slide was originally made at Army University’s Command and General Staff College last year, and was first revealed to the public by Libs of TikTok this March, the Daily Caller reported

Sarah Hauck, an Army University spokeswoman, told the Daily Caller that the instructor in question acted without official approval: “A slide currently being circulated on social media is not from approved Army curriculum. It was created by an instructor in 2023 and inserted, without permission, into an official slide deck they modified . . . The material on the slide is not part of Command and General Staff School (CGSC) curriculum, is not mandatory training, nor does it meet the standards of education our institution stands for.”

Hauck added that the instructor in question was penalized when their actions came to light.

The slide received criticism after it was published, with one user writing on X: “Attendees at this school will go all across the Army, be leading staffs and units, have significant influence over soldiers, and some of them are guaranteed to be four-star generals in 15-20 years or so, leading the whole institution. They are being brainwashed with this evil, racist crap . . . They are going to take this racism, embrace it, and spread it across the entire institution like cancer cells invading a healthy body.”

According to its website, the Army University prepares “the best leaders in the world to prevail in Multi-Domain Operations.”

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Some have expressed concern that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles being taught in the military have reduced combat ability and led to falling recruitment rates. 

A congressional hearing earlier this year featured witnesses who claimed that DEI in the military has led to the current recruiting crisis and promotes unnecessary division among the ranks, with one witness saying: “I watched DEI trainings divide our troops ideologically and, in some cases, sow the seeds of animosity toward the very country they had sworn to defend.”

Campus Reform has contacted Army University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.