YAF says new faculty 'free speech training' shows its efforts are 'starting to pay off'

CLC allegedly adopted free speech training for professors and advisors mere days after the incident.

YAF CLC chapter chairman Rob Corn told Campus Reform the chapter’s efforts to promote conservative views are now “really starting to pay off.”

College of Lake County’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom allegedly scored a huge win after previously being labeled a “hate group” by a school employee.

After allegedly being labeled a hate group by a school employee, conservative group Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at the College of Lake County (CLC) in Illinois is happily reporting that the school is now pushing “free speech” training to professors and faculty.

Campus Reform previously reported on a smear campaign YAF at CLC alleges was waged against it by a school employee. Photos obtained by Campus Reform show posters calling YAF “a hate group” and saying “HATE GROUPS NOT WELCOME HERE.” The alleged individual responsible for the posters also allegedly was disruptive during a Black Conservative Panel hosted by YAF, and called YAF’s 9/11 pamphlets “islamophobic,” according to chapter chairman Rob Corn. Corn also told Campus Reform that the chapter filed a complaint with the college. 

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Corn also shared with Young America’s Foundation that when he confronted the professor over the “hate group” posters, she said that she was “trying to promote love” and is “angry with the things coming out of the club.”

Since then, Young America’s Foundation reported on the subsequent action by the school, saying, “According to the YAF chapter chairman, Rob Corn, the Dean of Student Life at the College of Lake County emailed all professors and club advisors in early December informing them of new free speech training, just days after the incident involving a club advisor, Shannon Bassi. More than 100 people attended these 6 sessions.”

Campus Reform has not yet received confirmation from the school about the new requirement

Young America’s Foundation claims to have also obtained documents from the free speech training event, including from the presentation given. The slides list the duties of club advisors regarding students’ exercise of free speech and warn against “treating protected speech as actionable misconduct,” noting, “Expressions of hateful or offensive views do not constitute unlawful harassment, even if they offend listeners.” 

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Corn shared his thoughts with Campus Reform, saying, “I think our YAF chapter has worked really hard to expose conservative views on our campus over the last year, and it’s really starting to pay off. Conservative students on our campus deserve support from the school administration, and the administration is finally starting to recognize that.” 

“We as a YAF chapter at CLC hope that this isn’t a one-time thing.  We hope that they continue to run these workshops for students, faculty and administration who are intolerant to free speech.  From my understanding, they plan to run them next semester also,” added Corn.

“This is a big win for conservative students at CLC. We’ve worked really hard to make sure everyone’s voice on campus is heard and accepted without shame,” YAF at CLC posted on Facebook, 

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“The school administration is starting to recognize the intolerance of the left when it comes to hearing mainstream conservative views on campus, and they’ve taken action to fix it,” the group added. “We want to thank all of our supporters and donors who have helped us along the way to help us secure this victory. And we also want to thank the school administration for doing the right thing.

“Although we recognize the fight for freedom is never over, we are pleased to announce that this is a major stepping stone in our mission on campus, and a huge accomplishment for Young America’s Foundation!”

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