WHAT A YEAR: The 5 most insane campus stories we covered in 2019

To mark the end of 2019, Campus Reform rounded up the five craziest campus stories this year.

From one conservative activist facing a blow to the face to the demonization of the nation's founding document and founding fathers, it was quite the year.

Happy New Year! 

With 2020 in full swing, Campus Reform takes a look back at the year that was on America’s college campuses. To do that, we compiled a list of the top five craziest campus stories of 2019. 

From conservatives suffering physical harm to the demonization of the country’s founding document and foremost founding father, this year was one that left all of us wondering, “how much worse can it get?”

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1. VIDEO: Conservative suffers blow to the face at Berkeley (UPDATE: Police ID suspect)

Conservative activist Hayden Williams suffered a blow to the face by a leftist at the University of California-Berkeley while helping students of one conservative group recruit new members. Disturbing video obtained by Campus Reform shows the moment Williams “took a punch in the face for all of us,” as President Donald Trump later put it. 

2. Syracuse U: U.S. Constitution is ‘exclusionary’ to some students

The Constitution, the founding document of the U.S., is “exclusionary.” That’s according to Syracuse University, which denied registered status to a conservative student group earlier this year. The university attempted to make the case that “requiring students to agree in the superiority of the U.S. Constitution” alienates and excludes students who are not Americans. 

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3. Goodbye George: GW students vote to ‘remove and replace’ mascot

It was bad year for George Washington, the nation’s first president and foremost founding father. Students at his namesake university voted to remove their mascot, “George the Colonial” over concern that the icon is not “inclusive” enough. 

4. Incoming Texas freshmen threatened with doxxing if they join conservative campus groups

Conservative students at the University of Texas-Austin were intimidated before even setting foot on campus as leftists threatened to dox anyone planning to join a conservative student group. Doxxing, or the releasing of one’s personal contact information, such as a phone number or home address, has become just one tactic leftists have increasingly begun using to silence conservative voices. 

5. VIDEO: Leftists taunt conservative students

In a truly shocking video out of Binghamton University in New York State, campus leftists were seen taunting conservative students as they attempted to exercise their First Amendment rights. The tense standoff prompted a police presence as multiple protesters continued shouting and even removing the conservative students’ display table. 

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