Fed-up father confronts Warren on student loans: 'We get screwed!' (VIDEO)

An Iowa voter confronted Sen. Elizabeth Warren about how her student loan debt forgiveness plan would "screw" him.

The man called attention to how, despite him saving and working double shifts, he would not get any money back.

Meanwhile, those who didn't save and took out loans would have their debts forgiven under Warren's plan.

A miffed father confronted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) while she was on the Democrat presidential primary campaign trail in Iowa, telling her that because of her student loan debt forgiveness plan, he would get "screwed."

"My daughter is getting out of school. I've saved all my money. She doesn't have any student loans. Am I going to get my money back?" the man asked Warren. The Massachusetts senator replied by telling the man, "of course not."

"So you're going to pay for people who didn't save any money and those of us who did the right thing get screwed," the man told Warren. 

Warren denied that was the case. 

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The man continued by explaining to Warren how a friend of his, who he made more money than he did, "had fun, bought a car, went on vacations." Meanwhile, he said, "I saved my money...I worked a double shift, worked extra — my daughter worked since she was 10."

"We did the right thing, and we get screwed," the man said as he walked away.


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