Ohio State students demand refunds after college kicks them out of dorms

A petition for reimbursement has begun, with over 17,000 signatures.

Students at Ohio State University demand refunds as online classes and off-campus housing are enforced.

At Ohio State University, thousands of students are calling for a refund as the university decided to close face-to-face classes recently in light of the concerns surrounding the coronavirus. 

On Thursday, the university administration announced that beginning on March 23rd, all classes would transition to online classes through the remainder of the spring semester. Additionally, students living on campus are required to find alternative housing, whether that be off-campus housing or going back home to be with their families.

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However, given that students semesterly room and board costs are for the entire semester and they’re being asked to move out about halfway into the semester Ohio State students are now demanding a refund.

On Thursday night, a self-identified student named John Kacherski began a petition on Change.org for the school to refund students the cost of room and board from now until the end of the semester. The petition reads:

As of publication, the petition has more than 17,000 signatures.

Other students commented on the petition, reinstating their approval of the refunds. 

One person commented on the petition, saying, “I feel that at the minimum, housing and dining plans should be refunded.” 

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Another person wrote, “I come from a financially struggling family who go through a lot to aid me and my educational needs. If I am being stripped of my resources, then I need my money reimbursed. Thank you.” 

Campus Reform reached out to Kacherski, the creator of the petition, but did not hear back in time for publication. 

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