CSU creates website dedicated to 'student demands'

One key part of this initiative is to provide students a chronicle of both student demands made to the university and details of what the university is doing to meet those demands.

Colorado State University has recently launched a “Race, Bias, and Equity” program after facing pressure from its students.

As demands of students on college campuses have started to become increasingly powerful, with a growing number of universities caving to public pressure, Colorado State University’s “Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative” has found a way to proudly showcase such demands, and explain in detail exactly how, and to what degree, the school is caving to them. 

This new initiative mainly gives students the ability to involve themselves in the “progress” that has been or should be made at the school. 

One major aspect of this program is to inform the students on the progress that has already been made via a university “Student Demands Website” aiming to “increase transparency and communication about the progress that is being made toward meeting past demands, including what is being done, what is planned, and what obstacles are present.”

An assessment of the validity of the demands does not come into play.

“Colorado State University has a long and rich history of student activism and involvement in equity, diversity, and inclusion,” the website explains. “Over the years, students have helped move the university forward through the organization of student recommendations and demands. These demands, in addition to the proactive work of administration, faculty, and staff, have shaped a vision of CSU that is truly an inclusive university community for all.”

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“While there is much more work to be done, we aim to be transparent and open about the progress that CSU is making in regards to this vision and the past demands that have been presented,” it continues. “While much of this work has already been underway, due to the passion and commitment of countless faculty and staff to equity and inclusion, we recognize that we need to do a better job communicating what is being done, what we plan to do, and what obstacles we are working to overcome.”

The website meticulously chronicles student demands dating back to 2010, including recent 2020 demands, as well as “progress and actions taken,” toward each list. The overall initiative also includes a larger “steps taken” list of progressive changes made to the social structure of the school, as well as a timeline of major diversity milestones.

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CSU stated that one of the main reasons the student demands page was created was because “we recognize that we need to do a better job communicating what is being done, what we plan to do, and what obstacles we are working to overcome”.

In its published diversity timeline, CSU boasts that it has previously established initiatives like the Diversity Task Force, the Council on Strategic Diversity Initiatives at CSU, the Feminist Fight Club, and the Transgender Committee.

“While progress may feel slow at times, CSU is committed to meeting the demands of our students in ways that are comprehensive and proactive and which align with the laws and policies that we must abide by as a public institution of higher education,” CSU said of its demands showcase.

Campus Reform reached out to CSU but did not receive a response in time for publication.