Young conservative activist to launch nationwide student effort against CRT

A conservative University of Alabama student is starting a state-by-state campaign against Critical Race Theory in higher education.

His recent article sounded off on the dangers of teaching the ideology to American students.

A young conservative activist is launching a grassroots campaign against Critical Race Theory.

CJ Pearson — a University of Alabama undergraduate and president of the Free Thinker Project — announced that the group will seek to “eradicate” Critical Race Theory across the nation.

“My organization will be leading a 50 state student-led advocacy effort, starting in Alabama, advocating for the prohibition of critical race theory within public classrooms,” explained Pearson to Campus Reform. “Critical Race Theory isn’t education; it’s taxpayer funded indoctrination intended to cause our students to hate America.”

In a recent article for Yellowhammer News, Pearson — who is African-American — wrote that critical race theory has no place in the college classroom.

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“Critical Race Theory, also known as CRT, perpetuates the left-wing falsehood that America is a racist nation, poisoned and made irredeemable by a history of white supremacy, institutional racism and supposed white privilege,” he explained. “It is tax-payer funded anti-white racism — guised under the moniker of ‘anti-racism’ — being taught to college students all throughout the country, and it’s time for it to stop.”

Pearson expressed concern that “this radical left-wing propaganda is allowed to go unchecked, unchallenged and almost entirely unquestioned.”

“Being a young conservative on a college campus is hard enough; I know so firsthand,” he continued. “Many professors today are unapologetically ‘teaching’ their students to hate America, and with that hate comes a hate for everything America stands for. Diversity of thought and freedom of expression included.”

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As a Black college student, Pearson wrote in Yellowhammer News that he is “certainly not paying to sit in a classroom and be told that I’m a helpless victim — that regardless of how hard I try, or how hard I work, it’ll never be enough because racism will always win.”

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