'Sex Week at Harvard' features sex toy giveaways, group sex '101'

Sessions covered topics including orgies, BDSM, and pornography.

Sex toys were distributed at several of the week’s events.

Harvard University’s annual Sex Week kicked off on Nov. 8, beginning a week of speeches, panels, and sessions that include explicit topics.

Organizers billed one of the first day’s sessions, titled “Kinks & fetishes & taboos, oh my!” as “an interactive class on kinks and fetishes[.]” Organizers write, “Whether you are just beginning to dabble in kink or ready to dive into your desires, this space is for you. Free safer sex toys will be distributed to everyone and sex toys will be awarded to winners in our raffle!!” The same Facebook event page describes the instructor, Jamie Joy, as a “hungry slut for freaky fantasies and kinky perversions.”

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Another event, described as “Sex Week’s first annual F*ck Fest,” was co-sponsored by sexual wellness company Momotaro, The Harvard Independent (a student publication), and Sexual Health Advocacy Throughout Harvard College (SHEATH), a sex-positive student group.

The Facebook page for a Tuesday evening session called “Come together, right now: Orgies 101” says, “Learn about orgies, group sex, swinging, and polyamory from the ‘sex’perts of Choice Social Club!” Choice Social Club is an “adult lifestyles club,” according to its website, located in Providence, Rhode Island.

The final session, “Let’s talk about porn, baby: A conversation w/ Dr. Nancy Bauer,” was  advertised on social media with the title of Bauer’s book, How to Do Things With Pornography. Bauer has served as the Dean of Academic Affairs for Arts and Sciences at Tufts University since 2012.

Sex toys were promised to be distributed at each of these events, according to the Facebook event descriptions. Other sessions covered topics including BDSM and anal sex. According to The Harvard Crimson, Sex Week at Harvard began in 2012.

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Campus Reform has previously reported on the annual slate of events, which in 2015 included a session called “Work Hard, F*** Hard: The Guide to BDSM in the College Dorm Room.” (redactions my own)

Neither Harvard University’s press office or the Sex Week at Harvard organizers responded to a request for comment or answered how the week’s events are funded. 

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