WATCH: Jack Anderson on the implications of gender-bending ideology on college campuses

Jack Anderson details the dangers of transgender ideology infiltrating American colleges and universities.

Campus Reform Correspondent Jack Anderson appeared on the Joe Pags Show to discuss the implications of “gender-bending ideology” on college campuses.

A 2021 policy brought forth by the Biden administration pushed for more gender inclusivity on college campuses by permitting biological males, who identify as women, to room with biological females.

According to Anderson, the College of the Ozarks, a private Christian school, "decided to sue the Biden administration and try to get this overturned so they can abide by their Christian religious beliefs.”

The lawsuit was filed last year, however the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit ruled against the plea in July.

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"The courts are now saying that [colleges] do have to enforce this policy," Anderson said. "It's really just a violation of religious freedom."

Anderson stated that he would feel "extremely uncomfortable with a biological man coming into [his] space" if he were a woman.

Pags pointed out that repercussions of gender ideology trickle down to K-12 education. 

In Loudon County, Virginia last year, a male student wearing a skirt was found guilty of sexually assaulting two high school girls.

“The silent majority of kids our age, and I think of all ages, really don’t want this kind of transgender ideology infiltrating our schools,” Anderson said.

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Anderson also showcased the extent of radical gender ideology by referring to past Campus Reform reporting on Lia Thomas saying, “you have this man who is trying to go into women’s sports and it’s just this constant infiltrations of women’s institutions by these biological men who think that they’re girls.”

“I think it’s definitely a very dangerous situation when you have these biological men in these biological women’s spaces,” Anderson said.

Anderson continued, saying that “we just have to make sure we keep things the way they’ve been for…thousands of years…we’ve had men and women and it’s always been that way.”

Watch the full interview here.

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