NC State halts welcome packet pushing group sex and one-night stands, following parental backlash

After parents spoke up, NC State is apparently discontinuing welcome week sex kits that provided students with materials on 'group sex', along with condoms and lubricant.

'University Housing has been made aware of a questionable flyer from a condom manufacturer included in the packs and has stopped distribution of the packs.'

North Carolina State University is walking back its decision to distribute sexually explicit material to new students after numerous parents expressed outrage over their children receiving a paper encouraging them to track how many “orgasms” they experience.

Included in the welcome packet were condoms, lubricant, and information discussing various sexual topics, such as group sex and one-night stands, according to local news outlet WRAL.

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The school ceased distribution of the packets after receiving various parental complaints, including one comment on an NC State Facebook post.

The individual wrote, “No advice, a question. A friend was moving in their child this week. Why was NCSU handing out these ‘sex kits’?” The comment included a picture of the materials from the welcome kit, which consisted of a package of lubricant, a box of three condoms, wipes for “intimate parts,” and a skin patch that helps one “bounce back after a night out.”

Also pictured is the condom flyer, which warns students about STIs using a game called S.M.A.S.H. The game involves eliminating items from a list and “the last one left in each category will help give you a glimpse into what your next sexscapade will entail.”

Some of the categories shown are “relationship type,” with options for “one-night stand” and “situationship,” as well as “# of orgasms.”

“In partnership with CVS, NC State distributes these packs to each incoming student class to provide them with healthy snacks, home care products, and self-care aids as they acclimate to campus,” the university said in response to the Facebook comment. “University Housing has been made aware of a questionable flyer from a condom manufacturer included in the packs and has stopped distribution of the packs. Our team has also alerted CVS of the issue.”

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Campus Reform has covered multiple examples of sexually explicit events and distributions on campus in recent years. In February, Campus Reform covered the 10th anniversary of Boston University’s “Condom Fairy” program, which provides “free condoms (both internal and external), lube, dental dams, [and] information about sexual health and consent” to students.

Campus Reform has contacted NC State University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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