University seeks coordinator for social justice 'pilgrimages'

Lewis University is seeking a new University Minister to “encourage students to live and understand social justice from a Catholic perspective.”

The new “University Minister, Coordinator of Social Justice Formation” will be tasked with responsibilities such as leading “pilgrimages to locations significant to the movement for social justice” and organizing the school’s annual social justice retreat.

The minister will also “collect data on students involved in social justice education,” “serve on a Diocesan Committee related to social justice,” and draft a “social justice education plan” for the school’s efforts relating to social justice for the next few years, according to the job listing.

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Minimum qualifications for the role include the ability “to energize and organize students to work for social justice” and “to design programs in such a way so as to develop students’ Christian faith.”

Successful applicants will also have Bachelor's degree in a field related to pastoral ministry, such as religious education or divinity, although a Master's Degree is preferred.

The job posting further declares that Lewis University is a safe space for students that is institutionally committed to diversity.

“Lewis is a Sanctified Zone where people are committed to working to end racism, bias, and prejudice by valuing diversity in a safe and nurturing environment,” the job posting notes [emphasis in the original].

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The University Ministry lists social justice as one of its focuses on its website, and notes that the school plays host to a number of social justice-themed opportunities, including a leadership program and an ambassador program.

The Ministry also notes that Lewis has offered social justice pilgrimages for at least the past year, including one to the U.S-Mexico border and another to Selma, Alabama.

“Pilgrimages are a unique combination of educational study, faith-based reflection, and social justice immersion,” the University Ministry’s website notes. “Through these immersive experiences, students will become educated about a current world social issue, grow deeper in their faith, and be inspired to work toward a more peaceful and just society.”

After Campus Reform made multiple inquiries to Lewis University about the job posting, a notation indicating that “this job is no longer available” was added to the job description, which remains live on Inside Higher Ed.

School officials declined to answer questions about the job posting, did not clarify whether the job had been filled, and would not say whether students are required to undergo social justice education as a graduation requirement.

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