UC-Davis offers 'FREE power nap class'

  • The University of California-Davis is offering a free power nap class being taught by “trained professionals.”
  • The campus has 25 locations where students can take a 20-minute nap on hammocks outside or on yoga mats in a dance studio to prevent students from sleeping in class.

The University of California-Davis offers a “FREE power nap class” where “trained instructors” teach students strategies to help them avoid falling asleep in class.

The class is offered thrice-weekly throughout the school year at 25 locations, depicted on an online map, where students can take their power nap in and on everything—ranging from outdoor hammocks to yoga mats in a dance studio.

"Yes, it is exactly what you think it is!"   

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“Yes, it is exactly what you think it is! Have you ever wanted to take a nap, but were afraid of sleeping through a class or midterm?” the course description reads. “Well, come to one of our guided power nap classes, where that will not need to be a worry for you.”

For the first five minutes, “trained instructors” lead students by settling them in and calming them down, followed by a 20-minute power nap that ends with a “gentle wake-up call.”

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“For some reason, there is a culture on campus that, in order to be academically successful, our wellness needs to go out the door,” Brian Luu, who teaches the Power Nap class, told The Sacramento Bee.

“I’m very appreciative that I can sit here today and...relax,” adding that she doesn’t like to nap in public,” sophomore Valerie Ramos told The Bee.

“It’s because of a lot of anxiety that I have,” she continued. “I had to study for an organic chemistry class this morning, so I was up late last night. I definitely put my grades before my own well-being.”

The course has no final exam and is offered three days a week.

“So, if you're tired, or you just want a little refresher, come as you are and get a little snooze in!” the course description says.

A university spokesperson told Campus Reform that while the nap class has yet to be added to the school calendar for next year, it will continue to be offered.

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