Prof smears conservative comedian as 'alt-right Neo-Nazi'

  • A professor at UT-Arlington recently posted a message on Facebook blasting conservative comedian Steven Crowder as an "alt-right Neo-Nazi" who "calls graphically for murder and extermination of Jews and LGBT people."
  • Crowder's website, however, counters that the tweets used to substantiate those claims are obvious forgeries that appear to have been created with photo-editing software.

A lecturer at the University of Texas at Arlington has reportedly shared several false claims about conservative comedian Steven Crowder, even accusing him of advocating murder. 

According to screenshots obtained by Crowder’s website, Louder with Crowder, professor Charles Hermes quoted the unfounded accusations in a Facebook post on March 5, attributing them to an anonymous “friend” concerned about Crowder’s upcoming appearance at Southern Methodist University.

"There’s a popular alt-right Neo-Nazi to be hosted at SMU McFarlin Auditorium on March 22, sponsored by SMU College Republicans."   

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“There’s a popular alt-right Neo-Nazi to be hosted at SMU McFarlin Auditorium on March 22, sponsored by SMU College Republicans,” the post reads. “He calls graphically for murder and extermination of Jews and LGBT people.” 

“This is the second time that despicable Steven Crowder has been invited in the last month, previously hosted by Student Government and the Young Americans for Freedom,” the statement continues. “‘I have contacted the Women’s and LGBT Center on campus. They said there was some pushback on the student government for inviting him, but not enough, I was told. They were surprised he is invited back again so soon’”

According to Crowder’s publication, the lecturer also added comments featuring several doctored screenshots of Crowder’s tweets that the website claims “are faked screen captures, looking to have been created in Microsoft Paint.”

After noting that the false tweets originally appeared on the white supremacist website The Daily Stormer, the site also points out that the letters in the tweets are not properly aligned, as they would be were the tweets authentic.

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The professor has since deleted his original post, but has pledged to continue his activism despite the backlash. 

“Welcome Crowder fools to my page,” he wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday. “If you think harassing me on my page will get me to stop being an activist against bigots, you clearly don’t know me.”

Crowder is scheduled to appear at SMU on March 22 for a live broadcast hosted by the school’s College Republicans chapter, which bills the “Louder With Crowder” show as a “non-safe-space-friendly program.”

Hermes did not immediately respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment. 

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