VIDEO: GW students say 'Colonials' mascot too offensive

  • George Washington University is the latest college where individuals are considering changing their school mascot.
  • Campus Reform Correspondents Victoria Snitsar and Abigail Marone visited the school to ask students what they thought.
  • One student called the mascot "a little white supremacisty [sic]."

Colleges across the country have recently pushed to rename academic departments, campus buildings, and school mascots named after historical figures who are considered problematic in the current day.

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The mascot is "a little white supremacisty [sic]."   

One such movement is currently going on in Washington, D.C. at George Washington University, and is being promoted by several of the student leaders on campus and supported by at least one faculty member.

How far exactly will this movement go? Will it engulf even our nation’s first president?

Wanting to see exactly how widespread the support to change the mascot actually is, Campus Reform Correspondents Victoria Snitsar and Abigail Marone teamed up to ask students at GW what they thought of their current mascot, George the Colonial, who is recreated in the likeness of America’s first president.


"I think it's more so that there are students on this campus who don't feel comfortable with it and so then it doesn't really matter what other students think if it makes them uncomfortable," one student said.

Another student characterized the GW Colonial as "a little white supremacisty [sic]."

One student said she heard that other countries deemed the mascot "offensive" and that students were not supposed to wear the mascot abroad. Some students suggested replacing the Colonial with the hippo.

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Victoria Snitsar and Abigail Marone
Victoria Snitsar | Campus Correspondent

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