Conservative student group alleges smear campaign by college employee (PHOTOS)

  • A conservative student group at College of Lake County in Illinois says a college employee led a smear campaign against it.
  • The group told Campus Reform that it filed a formal complaint after the employee allegedly posted flyers around campus calling it a "hate group."

A conservative student group at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois defended its reputation while alleging a college employee posted flyers about the group around campus, labeling it a “hate group.”

Campus Reform spoke with Young Americans for Freedom CLC chapter chairman Rob Corn about the alleged incident that occurred on campus. According to Corn, when he and three additional YAF members confronted the employee, “she admitted posting that stuff was a mistake on her part.”

“she admitted posting that stuff was a mistake"   

Corn identified the employee but Campus Reform was unable to confirm the identity of the individual, although YAF has named her publicly. Corn alleged the professor put up fliers around campus exactly one day after YAF CLC hosted a Black Conservative Panel on campus. According to Corn, the professor's reasoning behind why she put up fliers around the campus was that, “she did it out of love.”

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Corn told Campus Reform that the professor "did not like the things that were coming out of the group," adding that she had critiqued the Black Conservative Panel for "speaking about Jim Crow Laws incorrectly.”

"[The professor] said Young Americans for Freedom has ties with white supremacy," Corn continued, referring to Richard Spencer, “but ROBERT SPENCER is the guy who has ties to YAF.” 

Corn also alleged to Campus Reform that the professor harshly criticized literature that the YAF chapter handed out at a student activities fair. 

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“She said we handed out pamphlets that were islamophobic; the pamphlets condemned attacks against innocent Muslims, Christians, and Jews,” Corn said, referring to pamphlets that were handed out on the pre-9/11 week remembrance event. 

“We never handed them out, we put them on the table and people willingly took them," he added

Corn said the chapter formally filed a complaint with the college. CLC and the professor did not respond in time for publication.

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