Campus Reform's Caleb Bonham on The Rush Limbaugh Program

Campus Reform's Editor-in-Chief Caleb Bonham joined The Rush Limbaugh Program while Erick Erickson was guest hosting to talk about CRO's coverage of a Brandeis University student who was harassed after reporting and publicizing a student leader's outrageous tweets about the two assassinated NYPD officers.

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Sterling Beard
Sterling Beard | Director of Journalism Training

Sterling Beard is Campus Reform's Director of Journalism Training. Prior to joining Campus Reform, he spent time as an editorial associate for National Review Online and as a staff writer at The Hill, where he served as the Intercollegiate Studies Institute's Lyn Nofziger Fellow and regularly appeared across the country on Fox News Radio to provide analysis of current events. In 2017, Sterling was named to The Chronicle of Higher Education's Influence List, one of nine people who "affected federal policy, campus culture, and the national conversation about education in 2017 — and who are likely to remain influential in the year ahead."

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