College will pay new employee $85K to advocate for illegals

  • Santa Clara University is now looking for a full-time staff member who will be paid a salary of up to $85,000 per year to advocate for illegal immigrant students.
  • Additionally, the staffer will be responsible for co-chairing a committee on "social justice" and researching the "best practices related to issues of diversity."

Santa Clara University, a Jesuit school in California, is looking to hire a full-time staff member to advocate for illegal immigrant students and “promote social justice.”

The job posting states that the Director of the Office for Multicultural Learning will focus on promoting social justice throughout campus, with an emphasis on supporting the school’s illegal immigrant population by providing “support through advocacy and programs for undocumented students,” coordinating “legal consultations,” and leading “Know Your Rights” workshops.

Candidates are expected to have an understanding of issues like "Bisexual Identity Development."   

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Meanwhile, the new staff member will be tasked with meeting regularly with the school’s Undocumented Student Group “to plan and coordinate initiatives that address [their] needs” while collaborating on “immigration issues more broadly.”

As such, the director must also create a “multi-lingual” newsletter providing updates to students’ families, with the job description noting that the ability to speak Spanish is “strongly preferred.”

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Other responsibilities will include co-chairing a committee to promote conversations on “intergroup dialogue, social justice, and social identity development” and researching “trends and best practices related to issues of diversity, multicultural learning, social justice, and inclusive excellence.”

Successful applicants will have a Masters Degree and at least seven years of experience working in higher education, and must have “demonstrated experience” advocating for LGBTQ students, students who are the first in their family to attend college, and illegal immigrants.

Additionally, candidates are expected to have an understanding of issues like “Bisexual Identity Development,” immigration policy, and the “undocumented student experience.”

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While the list of potential benefits was not explicitly stated in the job description, the successful applicant will be paid “$3,145 - $3,697” twice a month, which translates to roughly $75,000-$85,000 per year.

Campus Reform reached out to the university for comment on the new job, but did not receive a response.

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