University to offer 'Social Justice Advocacy' certificate

Toni Airaksinen
New York Campus Correspondent

  • Students who want to earn the certificate will be required to take a number of social justice-focused classes.
  • The University of Utah is now offering a “Social Justice Advocacy Certificate” to train students to “advocate for action and change.”

    Starting this fall, students will be eligible to earn the certificate in “Social Justice Advocacy,” the creation of which was unanimously approved by faculty of the University of Utah School of School of Social Work in 2014, according to a school announcement.

    "However, knowing is not enough; there must also be advocacy and action."   

    The certificate was designed for students who are inspired after completing the school’s diversity requirement, according the school’s announcement.

    “Many students attest to the importance of the inclusion of [required diversity courses] in any and every major,” the school noted.

    “However, knowing is not enough; there must also be advocacy and action. Students, upon completing a diversity class, wonder what they can do with this new-found consciousness and knowledge.”

    The school also argued that the certificate would be useful for students, since “we are becoming more and more diverse in society,” and because “there can be no social justice without action.”

    “This certificate will give individuals an education that focuses on the opportunities to use a combination of multiple approaches to get to change and social justice,” they wrote.

    Students who yearn to earn the certificate are required to take a number of social justice-focused classes, such as Social Diversity and Cultural Understanding, during which students will learn about issues including “discrimination, oppression, privilege, victimization, and exploitation,” and Social Justice Advocacy Techniques and Skills, which vows to provide “the tools for people to start engaging in the advocacy process.”

    Electives include classes on immigration, “environmental justice,” Native Americans, and persuasion and political communication, according to the list of certificate requirements.

    The University of Utah did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform.

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    Toni Airaksinen

    Toni Airaksinen

    New York Campus Correspondent

    Toni Airaksinen is a New York Campus Correspondent, and reports liberal bias and abuse on college campuses for Campus Reform. She is a junior at Barnard College, and also contributes regularly to The College Fix, USA Today College, Red Alert Politics, and Quillette Magazine. She formerly held a post with the Columbia Spectator and has been featured on Fox News and on the Drudge Report.

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