Cal State students say conservative group 'not welcome here'

  • A student group at California State University, Long Beach recently sent out an email warning that a TPUSA chapter has been formed on campus, soliciting ideas for ways to "counteract them" and show that conservatives "are not welcome here."
  • Students for Quality Education is upset that TPUSA "preaches free market [sic], limited government, and free speech,” calling it a "white supremacist" organization.

A socialist organization at California State University, Long Beach has targeted the school’s Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter as a “white supremacist” group.

In an email sent out to students, the school’s “Students for Quality Education” (SQE) asked for ideas on how to “counteract” the newly organized TPUSA chapter.

"Right-wing student groups are popping up all across the country...Let’s show them that they are not welcome here."   

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“There’s a new conservative group on campus called Turning Point USA,” the email, obtained by Campus Reform begins, expressing disgust that the club is “part of a nationwide organization that preaches free market [sic], limited government, and free speech.”

“Have an idea of what we can do to counteract them? Come to our meeting and let us know,” the email continues before listing its main priorities for the semester, which include support for a clean DREAM Act and free tuition at California community colleges.

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In addition, under the heading “stop white supremacy,” the message warns that “right-wing student groups” are forming on campus.

“Right-wing student groups are popping up all across the country and CSULB is no different. Let’s show them that they are not welcome here,” the email concludes.

TPUSA informed Campus Reform that the group has sent out at least two emails of this kind, saying it is “promoting hate and discrimination against any group that is ‘right-wing.’”

Referring to SQE as the “socialist club” on campus, TPUSA expressed bemusement that its members would be so eager to “counteract our message promoting free speech, limited government, and the free market.”

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