4 times students went full pro-abortion in 2023

A University of Tennessee student group hosted 'abortion pill training' promoting illegally obtained abortion pills.

There have been many incidents throughout the year where pro-abortion students have protested against pro-life groups on college campuses. Some of these incidents have even resulted in aggression and criminal acts. In one instance, a student group hosted a “training” encouraging other students to conduct illegal abortions and lie to doctors.

Campus Reform has compiled a list of the top 4 incidents in 2023 where students have gone full pro-abortion on campus.

4. Student chews up fetus models at pro-life display in Manhattan

A student was recently caught on video after stealing and chewing up models of fetuses at Hunter College in Manhattan.

3. Woman arrested after stealing from student pro-life display

On Mar. 7, Bowling Green State University (BGSU) pro-life student group Falcons for Life posted a video to its Instagram account showing two women, presumably students, stealing flags from a pro-life display.

2. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Pro-abortion students throw pro-life display in dumpster at William & Mary

On April 7, a pro-life display was torn down and thrown into a dumpster at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.

The event, hosted by Tribe for Life, featured a “Cemetery of the Innocent” flag display provided by the Leadership Institute intended to represent unborn children killed by abortion every day.

1. EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Tennessee students trained to obtain unauthorized pills from India for illegal ‘self-managed’ abortions

University of Tennessee student group hosted an “Abortion Pill Training ‘’ event on Oct. 19, educating students on how to discreetly maintain access to abortions in defiance of statewide laws that prohibit this practice.