Australian student's suspension gets Chinese Communist Party's stamp of approval

The outlet also claimed that Pavlou’s fellow students supported his suspension.

The Global Times, a Chinese state-run media outlet, endorsed the suspension of Australian student Drew Pavlou from his university in Australia for protesting against the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese state-run media outlet The  Global Times endorsed the suspension of the University of Queensland student, Drew Pavlou, who was suspended for protesting the Chinese government on campus. In a recent report, the outlet referred to Pavlou as “an anti-China rioter” who “disrupted campus order and incited racism” during his protests against the communist regime. 

The Global Times quoted several anonymous Chinese and Australian students who said “justice finally came” for Pavlou. 

The report also claimed the unnamed students supported the school’s decision to suspend Pavlou. 

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”Inciting racial discrimination in the name of ‘democracy,’ regarding the aggravation of contradictions as ‘political correctness,’ and taking prejudice and ignorance as principles are very foolish,” one Chinese student allegedly told The Global Times

Another claimed that Pavlou used hate speech against Chinese students on social media. 

Pavlou responded to the Global Times article on Twitter and accused UQ of suspending him for business interests.

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“Chinese state media directed UQ to expel me, an Australian student, for protesting against the Chinese state,” Pavlou tweeted. “Then, UQ proceeded to expel me to protect their business interests - UQ relies on the Chinese market for 20 percent of its income. Moral courage!”

He also pointed out how UQ’s official reasoning for his suspension differed from what Global Times reported. 

“I thought UQ said my expulsion had nothing to do with my protests? Maybe their public statements to the Australian media differ to what they have been telling the Chinese Consulate in Brisbane,” he added

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