Cabot Phillips slams 'cancel culture': 'Conservative students are the ones at risk of being shut down'

Amid a rise in "cancel culture" on America's college campuses, Cabot Phillips joined Fox News' Shannon Bream to discuss the topic.

Phillips said that conservative students are the ones most at risk of being "canceled."

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Cabot Phillips joined Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream to discuss the rise in cancel culture on campuses and the “bait and switch” tactics being used by colleges and universities following the COVID-19 shutdown.

Touching first on Penn State’s School of Liberal Arts’ decision to delete a tweet offering support to conservative students on campus, Phillips said, “What kind of message does it send that they deleted it? We reached out to the school and they told us they removed the [tweet] because it was ‘not received well.’ You’re telling students essentially that you will stand up for free speech rights… as long as the outrage mob doesn’t get too angry. That’s the problem.”

Phillips went on to address those who claimed conservative voices weren’t being suppressed on campus, saying “I’ve been to one hundred plus campuses, I’ve seen how conservative ideas are the only ones really at risk of being shut down. Conservative students are the ones at risk of being stifled, harassed, and threatened.”

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Next, Phillips broke down the “bait and switch” taking place on campus, where schools are “trying to get students to sign on the dotted line and pay full tuition for the coming year… and then they come out and tell them later, you’re not getting the real experience. Almost all your classes will be online.”

He went on to compare the practice to a sports team “telling their season ticket holders, ‘you’re gonna pay full price for tickets, but oh by the way, you’re gonna watch the games on TV from the parking lot.’”

The universities know that students would not pay for full tuition if they were aware at the start that the experience they would be getting wasn’t real..70 plus percent of college students right now say they weren’t satisfied with their online schooling during the COVID shutdown and 1/3 of graduating high school seniors said they wouldn’t apply to a university if they weren’t going to get the traditional in person campus experience. Universities are well aware of that data… that’s why they’re trying to get as many students as possible on the hook for that tuition and then tell them later that it’s not going to be the real experience.”

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