California College holds 'UndocuGraduation' for illegal immigrant students

Segregated graduations will include an ‘UndocuGraduation,’ ‘Lavender Graduation,’ and ‘Latine Graduation.’

This follows a larger trend of colleges and universities holding segregated graduations.

A community college in Pasadena, California, will host five identity-based graduations at the end of May and beginning of June. 

Pasadena City College will celebrate an “UndocuGraduation,” “Lavender Graduation,” “Black Graduation,” “Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Graduation,” and “Latine Graduation.” 

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“UndocuGraduation” will take place May 29 in honor of illegal alien students. The school states that “Undocugraduation celebrates our undocumented students’ educational success at Pasadena City College,” and adds that “[p]articipants are strongly encouraged to apply to the DREAM Scholarship: Ready Behind Degrees.”

Pasadena City College is not the only school to hold such a graduation, with Rutgers-Newark having held a similar ceremony for illegal immigrant students on Thursday, and California State University, Northridge having hosted an “Undocu-Graduation” before as well. 

Pasadena City will also host a “Lavender Graduation” for LGBT-identifying students on May 30. 

Other segregated graduations are a “Black Graduation” on May 31, an “Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Graduation Celebration” on June 6, and a “Latine Graduation” on June 7.

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Other colleges that have held or will hold segregated graduations this year include Middlebury College, North Carolina State University, Salem State University, St. John’s University, Boston University, the University of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Pennsylvania State University.  

Campus Reform contacted Pasadena City College and the event organizers for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.