Campus Profile: Emory University

Emory University is a private university in Georgia. Around 7,000 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

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Emory University is a private university in Georgia. Around 7,000 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

Official Political Student Organizations:

Conservative Organizations: 

Christian Legal Society

College Republicans

Federalist Society


Young Americans for Freedom


Liberal Organizations: 

4 Justice

Emory Climate Analysis and Solutions Team

Emory Ecological Society

Emory LGBTQ+ Grad Student Coalition

Emory Medical Students for Climate Action

Emory Pride

Emory Reproductive Health Association

Emory Students for Justice in Palestine

Fair Fight U

Her Voice: Leaders in Politics and Advocacy

Law School Democrats

Medical Students For Choice

National Lawyers Guild

Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health

Oxford Climate reality Campus Corps

Oxford Leftist Coalition

Oxford Pride

Planned Parenthood Generation Action

Pride, Revision

Red Light at Emory

ReVision Intersectional Feminist Club

Rollins Queer/Trans Collaborative

Sacred Worth

Social Concerns Network

Sorority and Fraternity Pride Alliance: LGBT & Allies in Greek Life

Southern Poverty Law Center on Campus

Students for Prison Education, Activism and Resistance

Students for Social Justice

The Climate Reality Project Campus Corps: Emory University Chapter

Young Democrats - Oxford College

Young Democrats of Emory

OpenSecrets Data on Emory University Employee Political Donations:

In the 2020 election cycle, 92.28% of Emory University employee donations went to Democratic candidates in federal elections, while 7.72% of donations went to Republican candidates in federal elections, according to data from OpenSecrets

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Rating:

Emory University has been given a green light speech code. According to FIRE, this is due to “FIRE is not currently aware of any serious threats to students’ free speech rights in the written policies on that campus.” 


Emory University is requiring a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students.


Stories by Campus Reform about Emory University:

Emory workshop promotes abortion advocacy

Emory University, which is affiliated with the Methodist Church, is hosting a series of lectures aimed at educating people on pro-choice abortion policies. The United Methodist Church does not support abortion as a means of birth control or preference.


Emory Professor: The Second Amendment ‘was designed’ to keep ‘African Americans powerless and vulnerable’

Emory professor Carol Anderson has new book in which she argues the Second Amendment is a product of racial hatred. Repressing slave revolts and ensuring Blacks remained oppressed post-emancipation, Anderson argues, were motivating factors behind support for the Second Amendment.


‘Jim Crow 2.0’: Emory faculty outraged at new election reform bill

Georgia’s new election reform law draws criticism from faculty at Emory University. Polls conducted within Georgia showed support for certain provisions of the bill.