Craziest college courses of 2019

2019 had no shortage of liberal bias in college courses.

Course titles include “Queering God” and “Angry While Male Studies.”

Many universities display their liberal bias not only by offering courses with politically biased subject matter, but also by prioritizing cultures on pop culture courses over courses on subjects like the Constitution. Check out some of the most insane course offerings from universities in 2019.

KU offers ‘angry white male’ course

In April, Campus Reform reported on a course being offered by the University of Kentucky. “Angry White Male Studies,” which satisfies a Humanities course requirement, focuses on the role of “dominant and subordinate masculinities.” This course explored “the deeper sources of this emotional state while evaluating recent manifestations of male anger.” Somehow, this angry white masculinity course connects to feminism, racism, homosexuality, and trangenderism according to the course description.

Penn. college offers “Queering God” course

In the Spring 2019 semester, Swarthmore College offered a course called “Queering God,” which addressed the Bible through both a “feminist” and “queer” perspective while also taking a look at God’s gender identity. The professor, Gwynn Kessler, questions whether God is masculine or feminine by examining different feminist and queer-centered writings. Key themes of this class include ““stretch[es] the limits of gendering-- and sexing-- the divine.” The school also offers a similar course titled “Queering the Bible,” which focuses more heavily on Biblical readings. 

EXCLUSIVE: Dem-donating prof to teach Mueller investigation course

Stetson University Law School, located in Florida, offered a course this year titled “The Mueller Investigation and Beyond.” This course examined “the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the indictments, criminal information, plea agreements, and other legal documents and cases coming from this investigation.” The professor, Ellen Podgor, has made it clear that she questions whether Donald Trump truly won the election in 2016. Podgor shows her uncertainty about the accuracy of the results from the election in her many law blog posts. Podger claimed that “the upcoming Mueller course focuses strictly on the law and legal process without political commentary or slant.”

USC prioritizes belly dancing course over mandatory Constitution course

While refusing to comply with a state-requirement to offer a course on the Constitution, The University of South Carolina offering classes in belly-dancing and other unimportant subjects. Although the course on America’s founding documents is required by the state, USC continues to avoid offering. The Former USC President claims that the students already learned enough about the Constitution through voluntary courses offered, so the required course should not be offered. Yet, courses such as Beginning Belly Dancing are offered. This isn’t the only issue Campus Reform has reported regarding the required Constitution course at USC.

“The University of South Carolina offers a fair number of intellectually frivolous courses, some of them meant to appeal to students who do not take academic life very seriously. That is a shame for them, their parents, and the taxpayers who subsidize the university,” Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, told Campus Reform.

USC hosts anime writing course, but apparently lacks funds for state-required Constitution course

Yet another course that The University of South Carolina chooses to offer while ignoring the state-required “founding documents” course is one on anime writing. Students can take “Media Writing Advanced: Manga and Anime,” while USC claims they cannot offer the required Constitution course due to lack of funding, calling the requirement “archaic.”

“We criticize our leaders for not following the rule of law but don’t think it’s essential to teach students why those rules exist in the first place. USC choosing not to make the class a requirement seems to be counterintuitive in a political moment where we need leaders who appreciate the constitution, and the principles that founded this country,” College Libertarians at USC President Harrison Otto told Campus Reform.