Law prof: Trump should do the 'patriotic' thing and resign

A University of Baltimore law professor advocated for President Donald Trump to resign.

Higginbotham suggested that if Trump does not resign, it could "weaken" the country.

Professor F. Michael Higginbotham said that Trump is "worse than Nixon," while arguing that Trump should "follow suit" and resign.

A Maryland law professor says that President Donald Trump should resign from office because it would be the “patriotic” thing to do. 

In an op-ed for, University of Baltimore law professor F. Michael Higginbotham, who is also running for Congress as a Democrat, compared the situation in which Trump is currently in to that of former President Richard Nixon who, facing an uphill impeachment battle, is the only president in U.S. history to have ever resigned from the highest office in the land. Higginbotham even went as far as to state that Trump’s alleged actions are “worse” than those of Nixon, who engaged in a coverup of burglary against his political opponents. 

”Trump, like Nixon, is accused of participating in a cover-up involving the investigation of political opponents. But Trump’s alleged transgressions are worse than Nixon’s because they concern an attempt to involve a foreign power in the American political process,” Higginbotham wrote.

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While asserting that there is “no evidence of wrongdoing” by former Vice President Joe Biden, despite the fact Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, while his father was still in office, made hundreds of thousands of dollars per year working for a Ukrainian energy company in a job for which he had little to no experience or qualifications. This same sentiment is shared by many “journalists” who appear regularly on the cable channel that published Curtis’ work,  even though there has been no official investigation into whether Biden and his son were in compliance with all U.S. laws while a majority of Americans support such a probe, according to a recent poll

But Higginbotham continues to dismiss the possibility that Biden could have engaged in wrongdoing, even if the wrongdoing was not technically illegal, and instead advocates for Trump’s resignation, while not citing a specific legal argument against Trump. 

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”The answer is clear: Trump should resign so the country can begin the process of healing. The divisions in the country today are even more corrosive than they were in 1974. That’s why it’s even more important that Trump emulate the best of Richard Nixon, who, in a rare moment of grace, understood he could only weaken the nation he led by focusing solely on himself, and chose the better path,” Higginbotham concluded. 

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