LGBTQ Center encouraged students to perform drag at the 'Rainbow Gala'

Student organizations at Case Western Reserve University recently hosted a 'Rainbow Gala.'

The LGBT Center teamed up with the Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (oSTEM) club.

The LGBT Center teamed up with the Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (oSTEM) club at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) to host a “Rainbow Gala.”

The event was held on Apr. 8 and was described as a “night of prom festivities & drag performances.” Students at the Ohio university  were given the opportunity to perform in the drag show and were equipped with training.

A “drag workshop” was previously hosted by the coordinating organizations on Apr. 2 and featured the two drag queens performing at the gala. The workshop was promoted through a joint Instagram post and confirmed that no experience is necessary to perform.

“NO prior experience is needed to be a performer, and ALL students are eligible and encouraged to perform,” the caption read.

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The student performers were also asked to register as “student performers” on CampusGroups, a campus engagement platform.

Campus Reform reached out to the LGBT Center to clarify the details of the gala.

A representative from the LGBTQ center told Campus Reform that the drag workshop would focus on “safety and makeup skills” but did not specify if dancing would be involved as promoted on their social media.

”We had two local professional drag queens do a small training on makeup and dance safety on Saturday that was open to all performers,” the statement read. 

When asked by Campus Reform how the event was funded, the LGBTQ Center stated that “the center is funding its own project” but did not provide details.

This is not the first time that oSTEM has been involved in a drag event. 

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In another post on the group’s Instagram regarding the HalloQueen drag performance, oSTEM encouraged students to “tip” the performers.

“Make sure to TIP the queens-cash($1,$5,..) or Venmo” the post reads. 

The same graphic also encouraged students to be mindful of the performers’ pronouns, writing “Pronouns! Most queens use she/her when i drag- but everyone is different. If you’re unsure, just ask!

Campus Reform contacted oSTEM and the university for comment. The university deferred to the hosting organizations. This article will be updated accordingly.

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