Are 'prestigious' colleges losing clout among students?

A new survey found that 67 percent of students would rather have free tuition than a diploma from a “prestigious” institution.

Students from across the nation, representing 4-year institutions, were asked a selection of questions related to the value they place on a degree. 

Results are based on a recent College Pulse poll conducted among 8,887 students currently attending four-year colleges or universities across the United States. Those who answered had the option to choose “full tuition at a prestigious university,” “free tuition at a university nobody has heard of,” or “not sure.”

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Of the 8,887 students polled, 67 percent would prefer free tuition at a university “nobody has heard of” compared to 26 percent who would prefer attending a “prestigious” university at full price. The remaining seven percent of those asked claimed they weren’t sure which they preferred.

The survey notes that responses from students showed a trend both among those with financial aid and racial minorities.

“Students with differing financial circumstances were more divided than students overall, with more students on financial aid preferring free tuition at a university nobody has heard of than students without financial aid (71 percent vs. 55 percent). Black or African-American students are also more likely to prefer free tuition at a university nobody has heard of than students overall (74 percent vs. 67 percent), while 49 percent of Asian students say the same.”

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Campus Reform has frequently reported on the student demand for free education and several states that are considering such a concept, such as West Virginia, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Democrat 2020 candidates have also adopted free tuition on their platforms, with popular candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren advocating for free tuition nationwide.

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