University of Utah Women’s Week includes 'Brunch with Finance Barbie' and a session to 'B!tch about White Feminism'

Some of the events for the week included a ‘Brunch with Finance Barbie’ and ‘Stitch & B!tch: Let’s B!tch about White Feminism.’

The latter event had participants partake in a ‘critical discussion about White feminism.’

The University of Utah celebrated Women’s Week from March 18-22, which it described as an “annual, weeklong event focused on gendered issues and challenges faced in today’s climate and cultural movements,” according to the university website. 

Events held as part of Women’s Week, which was sponsored by Hip and Humble, included “Brunch with Finance Barbie” and “Stitch & B!tch: Let’s B!tch about White Feminism,” the school website showed.

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During “Brunch with Finance Barbie,” participants discussed “how gender identity often shapes the ways in which we experience financial matters, and how women’s work and abilities regarding finances, household labor, and emotional labor in the workplace are often undervalued or unrecognized.” 

The event page for “Stitch & B!tch” advertised: “Stitch & B!tch is a space for students to engage in critical discussion and analysis as a community while collectively creating stitch-based fiber art such as quilting, embroidery, crochet, knitting, etc.! Join the Women’s Resource Center and the Black Cultural Center to engage in a critical discussion about White feminism and work on a crochet project.” 

Hip and Humble, the sponsors of Women’s Week at the school, is a company focused on “women’s fashion, home accessories, and fun, colorful gifts.”

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Earlier this month, Campus Reform reported that Ball State University celebrated Women’s Week with “Introduction to Transgender Identities and Issues” and “Lavender Bingo.” The Lavender Bingo event invited attendees to “Play Bingo, learn about LGBTQ+ sex education, and win prizes!”

Campus Reform has reached out to the University of Utah and Hip and Humble for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.