VIDEO: Students at George Washington University say Obama is greatest president ever

A recent survey by College Pulse found that the plurality of college students believe Barack Obama is the greatest president in U.S. history.

Wanting to know if students at George Washington agreed with these results, Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips hit the streets of D.C.

A recent survey found that college students consider Barack Obama to be the best President in the history of the United States.

Of the 8,111 students whom College Pulse asked, a plurality- 22 percent- said the honor belonged to Obama, with Franklin D. Roosevelt (14 percent), Abraham Lincoln (14 percent) and George Washington (12 percent) taking the next three spots. 

Wanting to know if college students in Washington D.C. would agree with the results, Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips went to George Washington University to find out. 

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After asking students the simple question “Who do you think is the greatest President ever?” it soon became clear that the survey results would be proven accurate. 

“I personally think Barack Obama,” one student said, while another added, confidently, “Barack Obama is the choice for me.”

“I’m gonna say Obama, because that’s the only thing that comes to mind,”  one student admitted while another touted the former President’s “integrity and ability to represent everyone.”

What did other students say? Did anyone hand the title of greatest ever to another President? Watch the full video to find out: 

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