Yale students held Monday rally praising use of 'force' by Hamas during horrifying weekend attacks

Yalies4Palestine held an ‘All Out for Palestine!’ rally at the New Haven City Hall on Monday to coincide with Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

A statement from the group affirmed its support for Palestine’s recent actions and blamed the ‘Israeli Zionist regime’ for the violence.

A student group at Yale University held a rally to support “Palestinian resistance against violent settler colonial oppression.”

Yalies4Palestine, a pro-Palestine student group, staged the “All Out for Palestine!” rally at New Haven City Hall on October 9 to coincide with Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Footage of the event posted to the group’s Instagram shows protesters chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” and “Israel, no more greed. Human rights are what we need.”

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In a post following the rally, the group said that it “stands in unwavering support of the Palestinian people’s right to resist colonial oppression” and that it holds “ the Israeli Zionist regime responsible for the unfolding violence.”

“Previous peaceful acts of resistance through boycotts, strikes, and non-violent protests have only ever met with criminalization, repression, and murder,” the statement continued. 

“Breaking out of a prison requires force, not desperate appeals to the colonizer or the ‘international community’ which has maintained the status quo as long as it is Palestinians paying the price.”

Other Yale student groups also co-sponsored the event, including the law school’s chapters of the National Lawyers Guild and Law Students for Justice in Palestine.

Prior to the rally, Yale’s Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life canceled its “Torah Run,” a school tradition meant to celebrate Simchat Torah, a Jewish holiday. Instead, the center held a “reflective communal event,” with two rabbis hosting a conversation about the recent events.

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Yale is not the only school whose student groups have expressed support for Hamas’s actions. A joint statement published by 34 Harvard student organizations sparked nationwide backlash after it claimed that Israel is “entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.”

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