EXCLUSIVE: Student group attempts to dox TPUSA students in now-deleted post

Affordable Student Housing at University of New Mexico allegedly published the phone numbers of conservative students on Instagram.

The group demanded the school remove TPUSA and its leaders from campus.

Affordable Student Housing at University of New Mexico (ASHUNM) demanded the school “immediately remove” the Turning Point USA chapter, including its faculty advisors and students, from campus.

The post, since deleted, alleged the group “violat[ed] Title IX civil rights law” when it hosted Ian Haworth on Oct. 20 to discuss how men can be pro-life. Cinnamon Blair, UNM Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, told Campus Reform no report was filed with the UNM Office of Compliance Ethics and Equal Opportunity.

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The post originally listed the names and phone numbers of multiple university leaders, as well as the TPUSA students. It was later revised to remove the contact information, screenshots obtained by Campus Reform show. 

“This serves as public notice that We, the majority of students attending the University of New Mexico, call upon the University of New Mexico’s leadership to immediately remove Turning Point USA at University of New Mexico, including its faculty advisors and student leaders, from campus,” the post read. 

“Failure to do so will continue to damage the international reputation of the university and its leadership, cause the majority of students harm, as well as initiate legal proceedings against the people and departments connected to said violations and other applicable statutes,” it continued.

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Haworth’s event provoked a flurry of protest outside the Student Union Building. Campus Reform obtained video of the protests, which showed pro-abortion individuals pressing against the police barriers to shout down event attendees.

The event came on the heels of TPUSA’s first event of the semester featuring Tomi Lahren, which resulted in a near 300 person protest. Video obtained by Campus Reform shows protesters attempting to barge through police to enter the room. The event was cut short after a protester allegedly pulled the fire alarm.

All groups named in this story have been contacted for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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