Protester dressed as 'sad clown' with frozen condoms arrested at Ben Shapiro event

A protester dressed as a clown was arrested at Ben Shapiro’s University of Michigan lecture on November 15, Young America’s Foundation reported

Campus Reform has documented similar opposition Shapiro’s Daily Wire colleagues have faced at universities.

A protester dressed as a clown was arrested at Ben Shapiro’s University of Michigan lecture on November 15, Young America’s Foundation (YAF) reported.

The woman, dressed as a “sad clown,” was stopped upon entering the event to have her backpack searched. Inside her bag security found dozens of condoms that had been frozen, presumably to be thrown at the event. 

Prior to the event, YAF, who sponsored the event, posted on Eventbrite that “No bags are allowed into the venue. That includes backpacks and purses. Please leave them at home or in your car.”

The woman’s condoms were confiscated and she entered Rackham Auditorium for the lecture.

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While over 1,000 peaceful students enjoyed Shapiro’s lecture, the protester allegedly vandalized a bathroom wall writing “BEN SHAPIRO GOT POUNDED IN HERE,” after which she was arrested.

Deputy Chief of Police and Public Information Officer at the University of Michigan Police Department, Melissa Overton, told Campus Reform, “The individual was taken into custody and released on scene pending warrant authorization from the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office.”

Despite attempts from the protester to disrupt the event, UMich YAF tweeted “Thank you to all of our dedicated chapter members for making this event the success [it] was… Tonight was incredible!”

The purpose of the event was to “expose students at Michigan to conservative thought from one of the Conservative Movement’s intellectual heavyweights, sparking important conversations and contributing to intellectual diversity on campus,” according to the Eventbrite description.

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The sad clown was not the only one on campus opposed to Shapiro’s coming.

Leftist students at UMich also allegedly took down flyers YAF had posted promoting the lecture.

Campus Reform has documented similar opposition Shapiro’s Daily Wire colleagues have faced at universities.

During Matt Walsh’s 2022 fall “What is a Woman?” tour, for example, protests occurred at University of Central FlordiaUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignUniversity of Houston, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Similarly, Campus Reform reported in October that students attempted to intimidate Candace Owens at Michigan State University. Owens hosts her own show, “Candance,” at The Daily Wire

Campus Reform contacted every organization mentioned for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.