Students blast UMN's 'disgusting' plan to hire abortionist

Toni Airaksinen

  • Pro-life students are outraged by the University of Minnesota's plan to hire a doctor to become a "trainer in training" for future abortionists, calling the idea "unthinkable" and "disgusting."
  • The "Reproductive Rights Advocacy Fellowship" advertises for a board-certified doctor to spend at least 20 days at "a high volume abortion site," where they will learn to perform abortion and "related procedures."
  • Students in the University of Minnesota system are coming forward to condemn the school’s plans to hire an abortionist, calling the position “unthinkable” and “disgusting.” 

    UMN-Twin Cities recently announced plans to hire for a “Reproductive Rights Advocacy Fellowship,” a one-year medical fellowship that would recruit a doctor to “spend one year as a ‘trainer in training,’ learning to perform abortion and related procedures.” 

    "Doctors are hired to save lives, not terminate them."   

    That position will require the new hiree to spend “least 20 days at a high volume abortion site [Planned Parenthood], getting training and becoming a trainer,” as well as learning how to counsel patients on how abortion is allegedly 14 times safer than childbirth. 

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    Students for Life at UMN-Twin Cities told Campus Reform in a statement that “it is frightening that a publicly funded university is actively promoting and supporting abortion here on campus.” 

    Nick Johnson, the president of that club, said “the university has a job to uphold a high moral standard being educators…and they are clearly violating these principles by further engaging in abortion promotion.”  

    Bulldog Students for Life, the pro-life club at UMN-Duluth, also reached out to Campus Reform to give a statement, arguing that “Abortion should be unthinkable, and to see the University of Minnesota embrace the pro-abortion throwaway culture raises many questions.” 

    “What are the University’s motives in supporting this industry? If they are caving to the abortion lobby now, what else is in store?” worried club president Noah Maldonado, a rising senior studying mechanical engineering. 

    “We don’t know at this point,” he observed, “but what we do know is our tuition dollars are supporting an institution that does not only disregard the fundamental dignity of every human life but is hellbent on destroying it.”

    Alex Grubish, a senior at UMN-Duluth, cited a video by Prager University to explain why he opposes the abortionist position. That video, “The Most Important Question About Abortion” stresses the moral and intrinsic value of the unborn, he said. 

    “Doctors are hired to save lives, not terminate them,” Grubish told Campus Reform

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    Though the fellowship’s name invokes “advocacy” and “reproductive rights,” the job description does not indicate that any activism or lobbying is involved. 

    The school declined to explain its motives for sponsoring the position, telling Campus Reform only that "This one-year fellowship/instructorship is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Medical Center Family Medicine Residency in partnership with the Reproductive Health Access Project.” 

    Considering that UMN has historically used aborted fetal tissue for research, according to a 2017 report from the U.S. House of Representatives, Campus Reform also asked UMN if the school continues to engage in the aborted fetal tissue trade, but the school’s spokeswoman declined to answer, saying the information could be obtained through a public records request.

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    Toni Airaksinen

    Toni Airaksinen

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