UMN no longer hiring abortionist after student outcry

  • The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities will no longer be hiring a doctor to become a “trainer in training" for future abortionists.
  • The doctor would have been deployed to a Planned Parenthood clinic for at least 20 days of training in "abortion and related procedures," including "vacuum aspiration of the uterus."

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities has scrapped its plans to hire a "trainer in training" for future abortionists after sparking widespread student condemnation. 

As previously reported by Campus Reform, the “Reproductive Rights Advocacy Fellowship” initially sought to hire a board certified medical doctor to “spend one year as a ‘trainer in training,’ learning to perform abortion and related procedures.” 

"We will examine the value of this training in the context of our mission along with the values of the community."   

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That doctor would have been deployed to Planned Parenthood, and would have learned to counsel pregnant women on the pros and cons of having an abortion, as well as ensuring that they understood the facts about the procedure.

Notably, one section of the fact sheet that would have been utilized in counseling sessions is entirely dedicated to “safety of abortion,” and claims that “the mortality associated with childbirth is 14 times that of legal abortion.” 

Soon after Campus Reform’s initial report, the school removed the job posting from their website while scrubbing the job advertisement from job search platforms such as Monster and Indeed. 

"We have pulled the position from the web site and are no longer hiring for this role,” wrote Jakub Tolar, Dean of the UM Medical School, in a statement to Campus Reform on Monday. “We will examine the value of this training in the context of our mission along with the values of the community.”

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Matt Lamb, the spokesman for Students for Life of America—the largest organization of pro-life college students in the United States—celebrated the removal of the job post but remained critical of the university.

“It is still disturbing the university would even consider a position in the first place, since abortion violates the basic principles of medical care,” he told Campus Reform. “Being a doctor is supposed to be about helping patients make healthy choices and protecting the dignity of life—abortion advances neither of these goals.”

Nick Johnson, the President for Students for Life of America at UM-Twin Cities, concurred with Lamb’s assessment, telling Campus Reform that “the University backing down in hiring a doctor to train in the methods of abortion is a great victory for life on campus.”

“It shows that pro-life individuals have a strong voice and will not allow our public institutions to promote the unjust act of abortion,” he added. 

Mika Colson, the Vice President of UMN-Duluth’s pro-life student group, told Campus Reform that she is relieved, saying that the “decision for the college to not hire an abortionist will save many children’s lives as well as protect many women who will not suffer through the painful event of an abortion.”

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