College to offer thrice-weekly ‘cuddles' with therapy dogs

Anthony Gockowski
Investigative Reporter

  • The University of North Texas now offers students weekly healing sessions with therapy dogs, bringing different dogs for sessions on Tuesday and twice on Thursday.
  • While they are hugging canines, students will also be able to "manage anxiety" by coloring and watching episodes of "The Office."
  • The University of North Texas now offers students weekly healing sessions with therapy dogs.

    According to an advertisement for the therapeutic sessions put out by the university’s Counseling and Testing Services Department, students are invited to “join Rockstar the therapy dog for some de-stressing art” every Thursday throughout the semester.

    "Join Rockstar the therapy dog for some de-stressing art."   

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    “We provide you with supplies to complete an art project designed to increase self -awareness, compassion, and gratitude,” a description for the session explains. “Come join us for art, or even just for cuddles with Rockstar.”

    However, for those who are unable to make it to Thursday’s session, an additional “Dog Breath” workshop will be offered every Tuesday where students can “hug and be hugged by a poodle named Buddy.”

    “Learn skills that can be used to relieve stress and manage anxiety while spending time with a loveable pet,” the advertisement states.

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    Meanwhile, another Tuesday session invites students to “come watch ‘The Office’ with the therapy dogs,” noting that participants will be able to view clips of the popular show while cuddling with dogs “Dakota and Willow,” all while “learning to form healthy relationships and increase coping skills.”

    Campus Reform reached out to the university for additional information on the matter, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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    Anthony Gockowski

    Anthony Gockowski

    Investigative Reporter

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