VIDEO: UNH prof tells class that US should ban all guns

  • Following the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, a professor at the University of New Hampshire suggested to her students that the U.S. should ban private ownership of firearms.
  • Josh Fox, a student in the class, said the professor began by showing a Bloomberg video about Australia's gun-buyback program, then said it would be "great" if the US were to "follow Australia's example."

Following the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, a professor at the University of New Hampshire suggested to her students that the U.S. should ban private ownership of firearms.

When he walked into class on the evening of October 11, Josh Fox told Campus Reform that he expected there would be some type of discussion about the shooting in Las Vegas, given that the course is called “Casino Management” and the shooter in Vegas unloaded his weapons from a casino hotel room.

"Over half the class was discussing the shooting."   

Fox said he was nonetheless taken by surprise when Professor Valentini Kalargyrou showed a video about Australia’s gun laws, declaring after it ended that “maybe we follow Australia's example. That would be great.”

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Kalargyrou, an associate professor from Greece whose specialization is in “human resources and gaming, with a concentration in diversity and disability issues in the workplace,” opened the discussion by asking her students to consider what could have prevented the shooting.

According to Fox, most of the students’ responses were related to the casino’s policies, such as increasing hotel security, but Kalargyrou suggested that the obvious answer is to simply ban all guns.

She then showed students “Guns in America,” a film made by Bloomberg, as seen in video footage obtained by Campus Reform.

The narrator of the film cites Australia’s 1996 gun-buyback program called the “National Firearms Agreement,” which also placed restrictions on both the types of guns and the people who could buy them.

“Gun control advocates…point to Australia, where strict gun ownership laws were enacted,” the narrator explains, while the international prohibition sign animates over a cartoon gun. “Since then, there have been zero mass shootings.”

The narrator then claims that the Second Amendment was merely intended to “allow states to form militias to protect themselves against oppression by the federal government.”  

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After the video concluded, Kalargyrou complained about the “right-wing” political climate of Nevada—which voted for Democrats in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 presidential elections—saying the state’s gun laws are “very relaxed” and that “anybody can, I think…can get a gun there.”

“Maybe we follow Australia's example. That would be great,” she adds, before returning to the normal course material.

“We went back to talking about course-related material, but over half the class was discussing the shooting,” Fox said, adding that “students were given participation points for discussing the shooting.”

Campus Reform reached out to Kalargyrou, and is currently awaiting a reply. This article will be updated if and when a response is received.

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