Piers Morgan puts 'snowflake culture' on full blast, calls out 'unbearable' liberals (VIDEO)

Morgan, who identified himself as a liberal, specifically called out "snowflake culture."

Piers Morgan recently slammed "unbearable" liberals during an interview with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

Piers Morgan said during a recent interview with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro that liberals have become “unbearable,” citing a “snowflake culture” as just one of the reasons for his statement. 

The comment came within a broader discussion of Brexit and the rise of populism in Europe, specifically Morgan’s native country of the United Kingdom, and now in the United States. Morgan said that the populist movement is rising because “liberals have become unbearable.” 

Morgan went on to comment on what he described as “snowflake culture,” a topic Campus Reform has covered extensively. 

”Liberals have become utterly, pathetically illiberal. And it’s a massive problem. What’s the point in calling yourself a liberal if you don’t allow anyone else to have a different view?  This snowflake culture....the victimhood culture, you know, everyone has to think a certain way, behave a certain way, everyone has to have a bleeding heart and tell you 20 things that are wrong with them and I just think it’s all completely skewed to an environment where everyone’s offended by everything and no one’s allowed to say a joke,” Morgan said. 

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Morgan’s comment came on the heels of a number of stories reported by Campus Reform recently, including one out of Michigan State University, where it was suggested to university student employees that they not use certain words and phrases, such as “I apologize,” “no problem,” “sir,” “ma’am,” and even the word “but” because they could be “triggering.” 

Vice President Mike Pence recently called out college campuses over “safe spaces” and “free speech zones,” which are now commonplace. 

”We expect our institutions of learning to respect that and respect diverse views on our campuses, and create an environment that is conducive to learning,” Pence said, adding that “safe spaces” and “free speech zones” are “antithetical to the process of learning.” 

Sen. Ted Cruz ridiculed “trigger warnings,” saying that “colleges and universities are really trying hard to raise a generation of pansies.” 

Morgan continued during his interview with Shapiro by pointing out how even award shows such as the Oscars and the Emmys have gone hostless, recalling the controversy with comedian Kevin Hart who ended up not hosting the Oscars this past year over a joke he told years ago that some perceived as homophobic. 

”The hosts are gone, and soon, every award winner will go,” Morgan said. 

As Campus Reform has reported, merit shaming has already begun to manifest itself on college campuses in the form of grades being targeted. 

Just recently, one New York City professor called to get rid of grading entirely, saying that it “disrespects [students] as thinking people.” 

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This is part of a larger trend in recent years, as documented by Campus Reform, in which more students have been able to bypass earning their grades, and instead, being able to choose their own grade

But Morgan, Pence, and Cruz aren’t the only ones who have sounded this alarm.  Liberal comedian Bill Maher has also weighed in on the topic. 

In recent months, Maher has called political correctness a ”cancer,”  stated that cultural appropriation was ”just made up” by people who “ just want to bitch,” slammed ”social justice warriors,” blasted “fragile” Millennials who want “trigger warnings and safe spaces,” and labeled the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement a “bullshit purity test” by people who slept through history.” 

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